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San Dra
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Hi everyone! You have reached llamafaaace's livejournal. Not much happens here, but every once in a while I'll have a nice long rant where I complain about everything from classes to the weather. Isn't that nice? Sooo... stuff about me... well, I'm a college student over at UC Berkeley, was born in NY, and I love reading, sleeping, watching TV, and going to the movies. (Not much of a party person, as you can probably guess). Anyways... on with the show!

I've recently created a new icon journal over at iconallama but I'll leave my old (as in, will not be updated) resources up here too.

Brushes: myself (or at least I did before my hard drive crashed and I lost all of my stuff), inxsomniax, quebelly
Fonts: extra fonts from www.dafont.com
Textures: TREX-TURES, inxsomniax, dactyliotheca, filipinoz_rule, elrawien, colorfilter, arisubox, myrasis
Screencaps/Pictures: myself, fansites and photos I pick up from random lj communities, thephotobox
Mood Theme: myrasis